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Rank Name Raised
99th Darcy O'Donnell Darcy O'Donnell $623
100th Adam Trentelman Adam Trentelman $615
101st Suraj Padinjarute Suraj Padinjarute $614
102nd Elise Rogers Elise Rogers $614
103rd Gary Richards Gary Richards $612
104th Tim Quirke Tim Quirke $611
105th Ashleigh Wendorf Ashleigh Wendorf $610
106th Jess Lord Jess Lord $609
107th Rodney Hopkins Rodney Hopkins $600
108th Chris Mackay Chris Mackay $598
109th Chris Scott Chris Scott $595
110th Stevan Bonning Stevan Bonning $581
111th Matthew Cheeseman Matthew Cheeseman $576
112th Wayne Berry Wayne Berry $575
113th Zach McGrath Zach McGrath $574
114th David Booth David Booth $573
115th Leanne Day Leanne Day $569
116th David De klerk David De klerk $569
116th Maddison Winks Maddison Winks $569
118th Mel Comb Mel Comb $564