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Rank Name Raised
N/A Daniel Connolly Daniel Connolly $0
17th Daniel kirkup Daniel kirkup $259
N/A Daniel Smyth Daniel Smyth $0
N/A Danielle Dakin Danielle Dakin $0
N/A Danish Ali Detho Danish Ali Detho $0
136th Darcey Browning-hull Darcey Browning-hull $21
N/A Darren Anthony Hoy Darren Anthony Hoy $0
N/A Darren Robinsen Darren Robinsen $0
N/A Daryl Almond Daryl Almond $0
N/A Daryl Fenn Daryl Fenn $0
N/A Daryl Munro Daryl Munro $0
N/A Dave Camaro Dave Camaro $0
99th Dave Pitt Dave Pitt $41
N/A Dave Rosario Dave Rosario $0
N/A David De klerk David De klerk $0
N/A David Farley David Farley $0
N/A David Farrell David Farrell $0
N/A David Ghabro David Ghabro $0
N/A David Johnston David Johnston $0
30th David Mcmaster David Mcmaster $120