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Rank Name Raised
175th Robbie Lewis Robbie Lewis $47
176th Dave Pitt Dave Pitt $41
176th Trevor Hewitt Trevor Hewitt $41
178th Shakaya Templeton Shakaya Templeton $41
179th GregGreg Campbell Campbell GregGreg Campbell Campbell $40
180th Douglas Nowell Douglas Nowell $36
180th Jacob Dowlan Jacob Dowlan $36
180th Johnson Dao Johnson Dao $36
180th Kiarnah Templeton Kiarnah Templeton $36
180th Leigh-Rae Stynder Leigh-Rae Stynder $36
180th Michelle Moore Michelle Moore $36
180th Noel Arc Parreno Noel Arc Parreno $36
187th Anthony Duran Anthony Duran $36
187th Cameron Mochon Cameron Mochon $36
187th Danielle Varley Danielle Varley $36
187th Dylan Wilshaw Dylan Wilshaw $36
187th Emma Goulding Emma Goulding $36
187th Francesca Lavoie Lapierre Francesca Lavoie Lapierre $36
187th Larry Damcevski Larry Damcevski $36
187th Laura Chiavola Laura Chiavola $36