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Rank Name Raised
N/A Jonathan Devine Jonathan Devine $0
N/A Jonathan Jancik Jonathan Jancik $0
N/A Jonathan McAsey Jonathan McAsey $0
N/A Jonathan Rayfield Jonathan Rayfield $0
N/A Jonathon Green Jonathon Green $0
N/A Jordan Smith Jordan Smith $0
N/A Joseph Airton Joseph Airton $0
N/A Josh Narain Josh Narain $0
N/A Joshua Adams Joshua Adams $0
N/A Joshua Sanders Joshua Sanders $0
N/A Josiah Lane Josiah Lane $0
N/A Juan Abreu Juan Abreu $0
N/A Juan Flores Juan Flores $0
N/A Jude Morganson Jude Morganson $0
N/A Julian ARias Julian ARias $0
N/A Julianne Poissant Julianne Poissant $0
N/A Julie Giguère Julie Giguère $0
N/A Julie Gould Julie Gould $0
N/A Julie Orr Julie Orr $0
N/A Justyna Grosse Justyna Grosse $0