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Rank Name Raised
74th Phil Rhodes Phil Rhodes $52
74th Tessa Bendotti-Vanderspil Tessa Bendotti-Vanderspil $52
81st Mathew Ozolins Mathew Ozolins $51
82nd Chris White Chris White $50
82nd Craig Smith Craig Smith $50
82nd Deborah Blaser Deborah Blaser $50
82nd Gayle Smith Gayle Smith $50
82nd Gillian Abbott Gillian Abbott $50
82nd James Riesz James Riesz $50
82nd Lawrence Atkinson Lawrence Atkinson $50
82nd Robert Axford Robert Axford $50
82nd Tony Ryan Tony Ryan $50
82nd Ty Gock Ty Gock $50
N/A Tyler Arsenault Tyler Arsenault $0
92nd Dave Pitt Dave Pitt $41
93rd Shakaya Templeton Shakaya Templeton $41
94th GregGreg Campbell Campbell GregGreg Campbell Campbell $40
95th Jacob Dowlan Jacob Dowlan $36
95th Kiarnah Templeton Kiarnah Templeton $36
95th Robbie Lewis Robbie Lewis $36