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Rank Name Raised
N/A Bell McGinness Bell McGinness $0
N/A Bradley Bressan Bradley Bressan $0
N/A Brayden Hall Brayden Hall $0
N/A Brian Musoko Brian Musoko $0
N/A Brianna Martinez Brianna Martinez $0
N/A Brodie Bassingthwaighte Brodie Bassingthwaighte $0
N/A Charmaine Mawbey Charmaine Mawbey $0
N/A Chris Medcraft Chris Medcraft $0
N/A Chris Salmon Chris Salmon $0
N/A Colin Cooper Colin Cooper $0
N/A Connor Burns Connor Burns $0
N/A Courtney Spedding Courtney Spedding $0
N/A Craig Beevers Craig Beevers $0
N/A Dan Test AU Dan Test AU $0
N/A Daniel Petkovski Daniel Petkovski $0
N/A David Bonavia David Bonavia $0
N/A David Ray David Ray $0
N/A David Ross David Ross $0
N/A Dean Telford Dean Telford $0
N/A Douglas Hallowell Douglas Hallowell $0