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Rank Name Raised
176th Robert Petzke Robert Petzke $2,310.18
177th Kathy Challinor Kathy Challinor $2,304.27
178th Lee-Anne Chalkley Lee-Anne Chalkley $2,298.76
179th William Doble William Doble $2,290.00
180th Michael Edgar Michael Edgar $2,275.63
181st Yannick Dufour Yannick Dufour $2,273.17
182nd Adrian Burke Adrian Burke $2,271.75
183rd Priji Vijayakumar Priji Vijayakumar $2,270.93
184th Tony Mickelson Tony Mickelson $2,261.47
185th Kate Gray Kate Gray $2,242.93
186th Jacquie Snooks Jacquie Snooks $2,242.28
187th Kyle Goff Kyle Goff $2,231.26
188th Mark Rubie Mark Rubie $2,227.67
189th Phil Norris Phil Norris $2,226.92
190th Josh Moore Josh Moore $2,222.20
190th Rod Freame Rod Freame $534.60
191st Emir Rogonjic Emir Rogonjic $2,217.99
192nd Billy Saunders Billy Saunders $2,211.44
N/A Jack Prentice Jack Prentice $0
193rd Mike Harkness Mike Harkness $2,208.89