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Rank Name Raised
249th Shelley Miles Shelley Miles $1,956.00
1926th Mikey Seelhofer Mikey Seelhofer $571.25
N/A James Tindall James Tindall $0
1833rd Chris Ross Chris Ross $594.06
N/A Matt Denmead Matt Denmead $0
1241st Justin Starling Justin Starling $814.94
2403rd kylie bostock kylie bostock $1,640.21
N/A Mike Rider Mike Rider $98.33
574th Brendan Duggan Brendan Duggan $1,299.79
2339th Karen Malysiak Karen Malysiak $482.02
2779th Michael Whale Michael Whale $341.56
703rd Marc Attree Marc Attree $1,174.34
N/A Lachlan Spencer Lachlan Spencer $243.24
N/A Vincent Caballo Vincent Caballo $0
1721st Michael Wikman Michael Wikman $577.67
1099th Roberto Spada Roberto Spada $887.29
2258th Bradley Allen Bradley Allen $501.52
472nd Michael MacDonald Michael MacDonald $1,413.94
192nd Phil Norris Phil Norris $2,226.92
1124th Adrian Pfeiffer Adrian Pfeiffer $866.47