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Rank Name Raised
678th Andrew McArtney Andrew McArtney $70
491st Andrew O'Connell Andrew O'Connell $103.50
62nd Andrew Sime Andrew Sime $525.40
N/A Andrew Waxman Andrew Waxman $0
N/A Andrew Weston Andrew Weston $0
820th Andy Heath Andy Heath $50
374th anita gordon anita gordon $139.73
N/A Ankesh Pratap Ankesh Pratap $0
N/A Anthony Curtis George Anthony Curtis George $0
N/A Anthony Knigh Anthony Knigh $0
491st Anthony Moon Anthony Moon $103.50
N/A Apurv Walia Apurv Walia $0
N/A Arvind Janakiram Arvind Janakiram $0
N/A Ash Jose Ash Jose $0
N/A Ashish Suhag Ashish Suhag $0
N/A Avraham Yee Avraham Yee $0
N/A Axl Dethmore Axl Dethmore $0
N/A Barend Meiring Barend Meiring $0
1156th Barry Burns Barry Burns $25
N/A Barry Griffin Barry Griffin $0