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Rank Name Raised
832nd Alex Blaine Alex Blaine $71
N/A alex brotherton alex brotherton $0
N/A Alex C Alex C $0
N/A Alex Carvajal Alex Carvajal $0
N/A Alex Carvajal Alex Carvajal $0
N/A Alex Cicchini Alex Cicchini $0
N/A Alex Cuanan Alex Cuanan $0
N/A Alex Dare Alex Dare $0
N/A Alex Dore Alex Dore $0
N/A Alex Eadie Alex Eadie $0
1104th Alex Edwards Alex Edwards $36
N/A Alex Eng Alex Eng $0
N/A Alex Gnos Alex Gnos $0
1376th Alex Graham-Wright Alex Graham-Wright $21
N/A Alex Griffin Alex Griffin $0
N/A Alex Heinemann Alex Heinemann $0
N/A Alex Killeen Alex Killeen $0
N/A Alex Kofler-Rogers Alex Kofler-Rogers $0
338th Alex Lackovic Alex Lackovic $248
N/A Alex Lamerton Alex Lamerton $0