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Rank Name Raised
289th Andy Rogger-Amies Andy Rogger-Amies $3,209
290th Rob Sama Rob Sama $3,207
291st Henry McKewen Henry McKewen $3,206
292nd Rory Toomey Rory Toomey $3,206
293rd Jacob Rose Jacob Rose $3,197
294th Ian Button Ian Button $1,201
294th Matthew Hi V Thomas Matthew Hi V Thomas $3,194
295th Stipey Palinic Stipey Palinic $3,194
296th Nathan Smithwick Nathan Smithwick $3,180
297th Cameron Seong Cameron Seong $3,170
298th Elliot Chan Elliot Chan $3,162
299th Sheree Geci Sheree Geci $3,161
300th Mark Jansen Mark Jansen $3,160
301st Jac Crofton Jac Crofton $3,155
302nd Jody Kember Jody Kember $3,146
303rd Rob Ghassani Rob Ghassani $3,142
304th Brad Hogg Brad Hogg $3,139
305th Jamie Mcdonald Jamie Mcdonald $3,138
306th Mark Alvaran Mark Alvaran $3,134
307th Wendy Grant Wendy Grant $3,133