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Rank Name Raised
140th Nicolle Palmer Nicolle Palmer 2years $247
141st Theo Tassis Theo Tassis 4years $243
142nd Diana Whitaker Diana Whitaker 5years $233
142nd Jarrod Vero Jarrod Vero 2years $233
142nd Kellie Appleyard Kellie Appleyard $233
142nd Nicky Fry Nicky Fry 3years $233
146th Luke Fernance Luke Fernance 2years $231
147th Jonathan Tiong Jonathan Tiong 3years $228
147th Kirsten Johnston Kirsten Johnston 5years $228
147th Rob Keogh Rob Keogh 3years $228
147th Tom van Hemert Tom van Hemert 2years $228
147th Wayne Spc Wayne Spc $228
152nd Adriaan Greyling Adriaan Greyling 2years $217
152nd Ashley De Souza Ashley De Souza 2years $217
152nd Bruce Powell Bruce Powell 3years $217
155th Aaron Usher Aaron Usher 2years $217
156th Evan Soper Evan Soper $212
156th Glen Brassington Glen Brassington 3years $212
156th Kelly Stanford Kelly Stanford 2years $212
159th Renee Cockburn Renee Cockburn 3years $210