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Rank Name Raised
N/A Jonathan Poole Jonathan Poole 2years $0
N/A Jonathan Poole Jonathan Poole $0
N/A Matt Black Matt Black 2years $0
N/A Nathan Price Nathan Price 2years $0
N/A Perry Winn Perry Winn 2years $0
N/A Shani Galleghan Shani Galleghan 4years $0
N/A Simon Mann Simon Mann 2years $0
N/A Suraj Padinjarute Suraj Padinjarute 4years $0
N/A Tony Banks Tony Banks 7years $0
N/A Tracie Wilson Tracie Wilson 4years $0
N/A Troy Marshall Troy Marshall 5years $0
N/A Václav Čech Václav Čech 2years $0
N/A Craig Martin Craig Martin 2years $0
844th Ali Habib Ali Habib 5years $36
N/A Rey Gallardo Rey Gallardo 5years $0
640th Roger Fiedler Roger Fiedler 2years $57
N/A Alberto Peixeiro Alberto Peixeiro 4years $0
N/A Alex Boike Alex Boike 2years $0
N/A Anaru Utiera Anaru Utiera 4years $0
N/A Andrew Lewin Andrew Lewin 2years $0