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Rank Name Raised
238th Paul Pattison Paul Pattison $852
239th Madelaine Hamilton Madelaine Hamilton $850
95th Nicolle Palmer Nicolle Palmer 2years $850
240th Darrin Hebditch Darrin Hebditch $849
240th Rob Andrews Rob Andrews $849
242nd Grant Cameron Grant Cameron 2years $847
243rd Lisa Burns Lisa Burns $844
103rd Letiesha Frankcombe Letiesha Frankcombe $844
244th Mahsood Shah Mahsood Shah $842
245th Jake Pokorzynski Jake Pokorzynski $842
246th Carly Bubbers Carly Bubbers $842
247th Dominique Reghenzani Dominique Reghenzani 3years $838
248th Darrel Mole Darrel Mole 4years $838
249th Lauren Anderson Lauren Anderson $837
250th Shane Howard Shane Howard $834
251st Claire Planinsek Claire Planinsek $833
252nd Philip Leck Philip Leck $833
253rd Lachie Kruger Lachie Kruger $830
254th Aaron Richardson Aaron Richardson 2years $828
254th Gregory Brooks Gregory Brooks 2years $828