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Rank Name Raised
2201st David Strong David Strong 7years $72
2159th David Turnbull David Turnbull 7years $72
N/A Daynis Olman Daynis Olman $0
474th Dean Addison Dean Addison $582
1141st Dean Fiebiger Dean Fiebiger 4years $247
1327th Dean Flaxman Dean Flaxman 3years $197
N/A Dean Vogdanos Dean Vogdanos $0
2511th Dean Wildbore Dean Wildbore 2years $52
2511th Deb Dunbar Deb Dunbar 6years $52
1354th Debra Dawson Debra Dawson 2years $191
N/A Dexter ORINA Dexter ORINA $0
3404th Dixie Joy Dixie Joy 4years $21
N/A Dome Deli Dome Deli 6years $0
705th Dylan Muir Dylan Muir 2years $450
N/A Ean Dungey Ean Dungey 4years $0
1834th Eddy Bersamina Eddy Bersamina 2years $109
N/A Elijah Rivera Elijah Rivera $0
N/A Elizabeth Maria Elizabeth Maria $0
N/A Emilia Abreu Emilia Abreu $0
N/A Emma Mann Emma Mann $0