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Rank Name Raised
325th Sovann Thach Sovann Thach $725
326th Tom van Hemert Tom van Hemert 2years $723
327th Andrew Bonacci Andrew Bonacci 3years $720
328th Roger Liu Roger Liu $719
329th Kahlee Papst Kahlee Papst $718
330th Simon McNally Simon McNally 3years $714
331st Rhiannon Moore Rhiannon Moore $713
332nd Jasmine Winnington Jasmine Winnington 4years $713
333rd Adam Sawell Adam Sawell 3years $471
333rd Venessa Tan Venessa Tan $711
334th Matthew Saliba Matthew Saliba 6years $710
335th Kim Opie Kim Opie $709
336th Ray Moore Ray Moore $709
337th Adam Burke Adam Burke $708
338th John Kirkham John Kirkham 5years $707
339th Dave Urie Dave Urie 4years $707
340th Bajram Billy Osmani Bajram Billy Osmani $706
341st Robert McLeish Robert McLeish 2years $706
342nd David Mowday David Mowday 2years $704
342nd Tyron Johnson Tyron Johnson 5years $704