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Rank Name Raised
441st Paul King Paul King 4years $641
442nd Rigel Blancaver Rigel Blancaver $641
443rd Obi Jones Obi Jones $639
444th Hudson Elsegood Hudson Elsegood $637
445th Alexandra O’Shea Alexandra O’Shea $637
446th Scott Parker Scott Parker 3years $637
447th Adam Murphy Adam Murphy 5years $635
447th Shane Delves Shane Delves $129
448th Ted Mangan Ted Mangan $633
449th Bruce Chamberlain Bruce Chamberlain $632
450th Tim Robson Tim Robson 7years $632
451st Alex Lessing Alex Lessing $631
452nd Kieron Place Kieron Place 3years $631
453rd Sarah Burns Sarah Burns 2years $631
454th Roger Fiedler Roger Fiedler 2years $631
455th Josh Fraser Josh Fraser 2years $631
456th Julie-anne Landsborough Julie-anne Landsborough 2years $630
457th Kyle Venville Kyle Venville 2years $628
458th Darren Grose Darren Grose 3years $626
459th Andy Black Andy Black 7years $626