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Rank Name Raised
371st Andrew Roughie Stephens Andrew Roughie Stephens 2years $2,559
3264th Tony Baker Tony Baker $604
4800th Donneil Frederiche Ong Yabut Donneil Frederiche Ong Yabut $304
2747th Robert van Oss Robert van Oss 2years $709
N/A John Matthew Ocampo John Matthew Ocampo 2years $0
N/A Jon Mulally Jon Mulally 4years $0
355th Rohitha Dissanayake Rohitha Dissanayake $2,625
327th Leonardo Ramos Leonardo Ramos 3years $2,739
2997th Philip Pullinger Philip Pullinger $656
5431st Michele White Michele White 2years $176
1855th Greg Hannelly Greg Hannelly 2years $993
4721st Mark Taylor Mark Taylor 2years $325
3718th Terry Pascoe Terry Pascoe 3years $523
2932nd James Hill James Hill 2years $670
6568th Adam Doolan Adam Doolan $52
7148th Julie Rayner Julie Rayner 2years $33
1085th Louise Ogden Louise Ogden 2years $1,397
1487th Lesley Turton Lesley Turton 2years $1,150
5316th Owen Forder Owen Forder $200
4843rd Jason Watts Jason Watts 7years $296