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Rank Name Raised
159th Rob Chivers Rob Chivers 4years $3,585
7190th Mick Lee Mick Lee 7years $21
5082nd Mike Ayling Mike Ayling 2years $225
2861st David Mcmaster David Mcmaster 3years $660
2707th Michael Ferres Michael Ferres $692
1861st Sam Folbigg Sam Folbigg $945
197th Paul Brock Paul Brock 2years $3,285
2349th Joel Baty Joel Baty $703
5313th Jo Ongley Jo Ongley 6years $185
N/A Matt Emery Matt Emery 3years $0
3321st Emerson Wilshier Emerson Wilshier 2years $570
3278th Ricky Victor Ricky Victor 2years $577
4575th Mags Piekarska Mags Piekarska $338
1403rd Vlasios Sarlece Vlasios Sarlece $1,143
193rd Nathan Henderson Nathan Henderson $3,307
2182nd Jason Payne Jason Payne $834
782nd Liz Lindsay Liz Lindsay 4years $1,643
N/A Bruce Smith Bruce Smith 3years $0
6778th Anthony Carter Anthony Carter 3years $36
4618th Brent Packwood Brent Packwood 5years $330