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Rank Name Raised
3928th Graham Sowiak Graham Sowiak $476
3796th Rachel King Rachel King $501
881st Dennis Horton Dennis Horton $1,526
4714th Donneil Frederiche Ong Yabut Donneil Frederiche Ong Yabut $304
3103rd Joe Wilchynski Joe Wilchynski 3years $612
561st Matt Gidney Matt Gidney 2years $2,027
4468th Peter Hains Peter Hains 3years $365
3820th Hüseyin Yontar Hüseyin Yontar 2years $497
1251st Deon Garside Deon Garside $1,233
138th Anthony Calavrias Anthony Calavrias $3,764
85th Andrew Kerr Andrew Kerr 5years $4,770
1803rd Andrew Williamson Andrew Williamson 7years $968
2853rd Stuart McArthur Stuart McArthur $662
N/A Iian Cullen Iian Cullen 3years $0
1184th Aniket Mani Tripathi Aniket Mani Tripathi $1,274
4790th Ruth Lawrence Ruth Lawrence $290
310th Hish Nehfaoui Hish Nehfaoui $2,708
5231st Owen Forder Owen Forder $200
2102nd Leslie Fuller Leslie Fuller 2years $859
768th Joe Perry Joe Perry $1,664