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Rank Name Raised
116th Angela Davis Angela Davis $274
116th Bruce Clark Bruce Clark 2years $274
116th David Johnston David Johnston 4years $274
116th Peter Brooks Peter Brooks 5years $274
120th Deb Warham Deb Warham 2years $273
121st Tania Adda Tania Adda 3years $272
122nd Greg Johnson Greg Johnson 7years $272
123rd Zena HOBLOS Zena HOBLOS $269
124th Elise Rogers Elise Rogers 2years $269
124th Fiona Klijnsma Fiona Klijnsma 2years $269
124th Jacquelyn Balestiero Jacquelyn Balestiero 2years $269
127th Stephen Ellis Stephen Ellis 3years $264
128th Stephanie Witt Stephanie Witt 4years $263
129th John Hill John Hill 5years $259
129th Steve Smith Steve Smith 3years $259
129th Vicki Delves Vicki Delves 3years $259
132nd Jason Moule Jason Moule 2years $255
133rd Dean Tummers Dean Tummers 2years $254
133rd Riley McIntosh Riley McIntosh $254
135th Ivor Traynor Ivor Traynor 2years $251