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Rank Name Raised
191st Angelique Aloupis Angelique Aloupis $396.22
192nd Sophie Foster Sophie Foster $393.30
193rd Tammy Biffin Tammy Biffin $387.17
194th Kristen Sanders Kristen Sanders $382.96
195th Marc Attree Marc Attree $381.73
196th Mark Nicholas Mark Nicholas $381.20
197th Richard Lalor Richard Lalor $380.30
198th Connor Downie Connor Downie $378.14
199th Ella and Lou Whight Ella and Lou Whight $377.78
200th Harrison Ollier Harrison Ollier $376.03
201st Martin Gatehouse Martin Gatehouse $375.95
202nd Daniel Mansbridge Daniel Mansbridge $374.46
203rd John Hill John Hill $374.20
204th Kelly Morley Kelly Morley $372.61
204th Willy Wilson Willy Wilson $372.61
206th Brett Smith Brett Smith $372.60
206th Paul Guest Paul Guest $372.60
208th Kathy Challinor Kathy Challinor $371.38
209th Tony Graham Tony Graham $366.75
210th Dean Sandham Dean Sandham $364.98