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Rank Name Raised
N/A Peter Sykes Peter Sykes $0
2636th Peter Williams Peter Williams $507.29
291st Phil Norris Phil Norris $2,226.92
362nd Robert Amos Robert Amos $2,005.32
5033rd robyn summers robyn summers $35
3686th Roger McIntosh Roger McIntosh $205.19
955th Ronald Milne Ronald Milne $1,158.16
2009th Rowan Panozzo Rowan Panozzo $647.64
N/A Scott Owens Scott Owens $0
1663rd Seb Addison Seb Addison $772.17
192nd Shelley Miles Shelley Miles $2,792.61
N/A Shelley Miles Shelley Miles $0
108th Stephen Bestmann Stephen Bestmann $3,362.78
N/A Toni Woodcock Toni Woodcock $0
1105th Vivian Shea Vivian Shea $1,069.26
N/A Joshua Keith Green Joshua Keith Green $0
2160th Courtney Ryland Courtney Ryland $607.66
3756th Myles Ryland Myles Ryland $191.48
4692nd Jordan Cresp Jordan Cresp $56.93
168th Tullio Ena Tullio Ena $2,937.63