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Rank Name Raised
744th Heather Prudence Heather Prudence $1,339.50
745th Peter White Peter White $1,339.12
746th Paul Stirling Paul Stirling $1,336.38
N/A Kendall Lister Kendall Lister $1,335.87
747th Henry Thay Henry Thay $1,334.99
748th Mackenzie Hughes Mackenzie Hughes $1,334.96
749th Brad Holton Brad Holton $1,332.67
750th Linda Sharpe Linda Sharpe $1,331.83
751st Edwin Shang Edwin Shang $1,331.35
752nd Mark Fyfe Mark Fyfe $1,330.15
753rd Cheenu Srinivasan Cheenu Srinivasan $1,328.90
754th Dylan Goodridge Dylan Goodridge $1,328.34
249th Sally Wallace Sally Wallace $1,328.33
755th D'Wayne Saunders D'Wayne Saunders $1,327.72
756th Margy McIntyre Margy McIntyre $1,326.48
757th Ruth Dunne Ruth Dunne $1,325.89
758th Sean Browne Sean Browne $1,324.25
759th Viji Udayashankar Viji Udayashankar $1,324.05
760th Troy Marshall Troy Marshall $1,323.64
761st Julie Duncan Julie Duncan $1,323.40