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Rank Name Raised
1044th Doug Cousins Doug Cousins $1,100.92
N/A Mitchell Munn Mitchell Munn $0
1305th Matthew Gamble Matthew Gamble $956.84
467th Benjamin Gaske Benjamin Gaske $1,717.28
2590th Michelle Podsiadly Michelle Podsiadly $512.33
2061st Ali Lockley Ali Lockley $632.71
15th alan zamp alan zamp $7,859.73
97th Andrew McMurtrie Andrew McMurtrie $3,495.38
4682nd Craig Forster Craig Forster $60.70
N/A DALE Brown-Kenyon DALE Brown-Kenyon $0
478th Geoff Kent Geoff Kent $1,698.27
2942nd Glyn Overal Glyn Overal $410.81
3025th Marcelo Padovani Marcelo Padovani $376.94
53rd Mark Carrington Mark Carrington $4,445.71
452nd Marty Robinson Marty Robinson $1,743.62
596th Michael MacDonald Michael MacDonald $1,517.44
N/A Sean Livingstone Sean Livingstone $0
N/A Shahnawaaz Meer Shahnawaaz Meer $0
895th Shirley Capon Shirley Capon $1,201.11
5532nd Simon Dickson Simon Dickson $10