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Rank Name Raised
290th Jeremy Roberson Jeremy Roberson $884
291st Bill Harvey Bill Harvey $883
292nd Andrew Hutchinson Andrew Hutchinson $882
293rd Liam Keesing Liam Keesing $880
294th Ian Button Ian Button $267
294th John Robertson John Robertson $880
295th Rajeev Peiris Rajeev Peiris $879
296th Brenden Filbey Brenden Filbey $877
297th Jacob Gerada Jacob Gerada $875
298th Steve Mabbs Steve Mabbs $874
299th Sam Curtis Sam Curtis $869
300th Will Wyche Will Wyche $869
301st Julio Valencia Julio Valencia $868
302nd Dustin Broce Dustin Broce $861
303rd Ryley Pasquali Ryley Pasquali $859
304th Jenn McGhee Jenn McGhee $859
305th Shannon Kelly Shannon Kelly $857
306th Nic James Nic James $854
307th Joanne Delaney Joanne Delaney $854
308th Ivanka Fredericks Ivanka Fredericks $854