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Rank Name Raised
79th Cherie Shiels Cherie Shiels 6years $322
80th Hedi Ziv Hedi Ziv 2years $321
81st Matt Simper Matt Simper 7years $314
82nd Christopher Reynolds Christopher Reynolds $311
82nd Greg Riley Greg Riley 3years $311
84th Rhys Paine Rhys Paine 7years $304
85th Adam Fellows Adam Fellows $304
86th Matthew Shaw Matthew Shaw 2years $300
87th K Goh K Goh 3years $300
88th Taylah McCormick Taylah McCormick 2years $295
89th peter meek peter meek 5years $293
90th Michael Holloway Michael Holloway 6years $290
91st Stephen Bills Stephen Bills 6years $285
92nd Ali Said Ozcelik Ali Said Ozcelik 2years $283
93rd John Trist John Trist 2years $279
94th Jeremy McBride Jeremy McBride 4years $279
95th Ammar Haque Ammar Haque 3years $274
95th Danny Balloch Danny Balloch 3years $274
95th David Jones David Jones 7years $274
95th Geraldine Edgley Geraldine Edgley 5years $274