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Rank Name Raised
202nd Valerie Bartley Valerie Bartley 7years $155
214th Tim Stevenson Tim Stevenson 4years $154
215th Daniel Webber Daniel Webber 4years $152
216th Paul Beavis Paul Beavis 2years $150
217th Judyanne Frank Judyanne Frank 2years $150
218th Tia Mathieson Tia Mathieson 5years $149
219th Letcha Solo Letcha Solo 3years $145
219th Maria Carter Maria Carter 2years $145
219th Nathan Tomaszewski Nathan Tomaszewski 2years $145
222nd David McNaughton David McNaughton 3years $145
222nd David Mowday David Mowday 3years $145
222nd Gwo Yaw WONG Gwo Yaw WONG $145
222nd Jacqui Williams Jacqui Williams 7years $145
222nd Lisa White Lisa White 5years $145
222nd Mark Walker Mark Walker 3years $145
222nd Mike Tate Mike Tate 2years $145
222nd Richard Girvan Richard Girvan 4years $145
222nd Riley Hetherinton Riley Hetherinton $145
222nd Susie Nicholls Susie Nicholls 3years $145
222nd Teresa Draper Teresa Draper 6years $145