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Rank Name Raised
75th Gerbrand Ferreira Gerbrand Ferreira $569.71
76th Paul Windon Paul Windon $565.68
77th Jono Wall Jono Wall $564.08
78th Gary Holt Gary Holt $558.58
79th David Johnston David Johnston $556.93
80th John Kirkham John Kirkham $556.57
81st Anthony Dal Molin Anthony Dal Molin $555.06
82nd Sean Blackhurst Sean Blackhurst $554.93
83rd Tanja Kubitza Tanja Kubitza $554.02
84th Hamdi Al-Ansari Hamdi Al-Ansari $553.73
85th Geoff Herrod Geoff Herrod $551.90
86th Sue Gray Sue Gray $549.54
87th Leanne Storer Leanne Storer $549.53
88th Daniel Cameron Daniel Cameron $543.96
89th Geoff Hadley Geoff Hadley $543.38
90th Wade Moran Wade Moran $538.20
91st Ashley Butcher Ashley Butcher $534.02
92nd Patrick Ross Patrick Ross $532.59
93rd Jim White Jim White $527.70
94th Sally Louise Allen Sally Louise Allen $526.63