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Rank Name Raised
215th Tim English Tim English $418
216th Lauren Sanders Lauren Sanders $417
217th Jay Pfoeffer Jay Pfoeffer $414
218th Tristan Bruno Tristan Bruno $413
219th Eduan Geustyn Eduan Geustyn $413
220th Kim Coddington Kim Coddington $411
221st Branislav Grubin Branislav Grubin $409
222nd Aaron Chan Aaron Chan $409
222nd Prue Gage-Driver Prue Gage-Driver $409
224th Kelly Morley Kelly Morley $407
225th Joel Tucker Joel Tucker $404
225th Lynton Stretton Lynton Stretton $404
227th Rob Anthony Rob Anthony $398
228th Murray Howlett Murray Howlett $398
229th Cameron Taylor Cameron Taylor $397
230th John O'Keeffe John O'Keeffe $397
231st Anita Renzullo Anita Renzullo $388
231st Declan King Declan King $388
233rd Sam Lai Sam Lai $388
234th Richard Press Richard Press $386