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Rank Name Raised
N/A ella day ella day $0
N/A Ethan Murray Ethan Murray $0
N/A Fernando Tessmann Fernando Tessmann $0
N/A Jaazib Juma Jaazib Juma $0
N/A Jash Gajaria Jash Gajaria $0
N/A Jay Pfoeffer Jay Pfoeffer $0
N/A Jeff Tanner Jeff Tanner $0
N/A Jesse Job Jesse Job $0
N/A Joanne Renshaw Joanne Renshaw $0
N/A Johann Paolo Llanto Johann Paolo Llanto $0
N/A Jude Morganson Jude Morganson $0
N/A Julianne Poissant Julianne Poissant $0
N/A Julie Giguère Julie Giguère $0
52nd Julie Goodall Julie Goodall $70
45th Kayla Dingle Kayla Dingle $82
N/A Khye Carpenter Khye Carpenter $0
N/A Laura Higgins Laura Higgins $0
N/A Leigh-Ann Boyes Leigh-Ann Boyes $0
116th Lou Muscolino Lou Muscolino $20
N/A Mike Larry Mike Larry $0