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Rank Name Raised
889th Hannah Spinks Hannah Spinks $78
889th jaymi Clancy jaymi Clancy $78
889th Joseph Allen Joseph Allen $78
892nd Michael Ung Michael Ung $77
893rd Alex McKinnon Alex McKinnon $76
894th Kirsty Walding Kirsty Walding $76
895th Nicola Bacon Nicola Bacon $76
896th Duaine Wright Duaine Wright $72
896th Lynsey Hale Lynsey Hale $72
896th Ozan Aksüt Ozan Aksüt $72
896th Sean Watson Sean Watson $72
900th Arvids Ernstsons Arvids Ernstsons $72
900th Catherine Schultz Catherine Schultz $72
900th Cathy Farrell Cathy Farrell $72
900th omar Mourchad omar Mourchad $72
900th Scott Merritt Scott Merritt $72
905th Adam J. Smith Adam J. Smith $72
905th Adeeba Nabulsi Adeeba Nabulsi $72
905th Amanda Mossop Amanda Mossop $72
905th Amin Movahedi Amin Movahedi $72