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Rank Name Raised
15th Dean Thompson Dean Thompson $120
54th Deborah Blaser Deborah Blaser $50
N/A Debra Thomas Debra Thomas $0
N/A Declan O'Callaghan Declan O'Callaghan $0
N/A Desma Morris Desma Morris $0
N/A Di Russell Di Russell $0
63rd Diane Rickard Diane Rickard $35
N/A Dianne Hughes Dianne Hughes $0
63rd Dianne Tomlinson Dianne Tomlinson $35
37th Dominica Thomson Dominica Thomson $70
N/A Dylan Wood Dylan Wood $0
N/A Ed van Dijk Ed van Dijk $0
N/A Elaine Hyde Elaine Hyde $0
N/A Elise Beattie Elise Beattie $0
N/A Elizabeth Grogan-Fsadni Elizabeth Grogan-Fsadni $0
N/A Elke Margaretta Elke Margaretta $0
N/A Emily Eakins Emily Eakins $0
N/A Emily Prince Emily Prince $0
N/A Emma Brentnall Emma Brentnall $0
N/A Emma Brentnall-sarchet Emma Brentnall-sarchet $0