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Rank Name Raised
N/A Shannon Blundell Shannon Blundell $0
N/A Shannon Gregory Shannon Gregory $0
N/A Shannon Kennedy Shannon Kennedy $0
N/A Shannon Robinson Shannon Robinson $0
N/A Sharon Dockrill Sharon Dockrill $50
N/A Sharon Greenwood Sharon Greenwood $0
N/A Sharon Morton Sharon Morton $847
N/A Sharon Walton Sharon Walton $724
N/A Sharyn Logan Sharyn Logan $577
N/A Shaun Botten Shaun Botten $0
N/A Shaun Mitchell Shaun Mitchell $0
N/A Shawn Chilcott Shawn Chilcott $0
N/A Shawn Hoskinson Shawn Hoskinson $20
N/A Shea Rafferty Shea Rafferty $0
N/A Shekhar Sharma Shekhar Sharma $0
N/A Sheldon Lucas Sheldon Lucas $0
N/A Shelley Brophy Shelley Brophy $94
N/A Shelley Wieden Shelley Wieden $0
N/A Sheree Moore Sheree Moore $0
N/A Sherrie de Gruchy Sherrie de Gruchy $0