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Rank Name Raised
N/A Nathan Dennis Nathan Dennis $0
N/A Nicholas Baines Nicholas Baines $0
N/A Nicholas Henrys Nicholas Henrys $0
N/A Nicolas Porras Guzman Nicolas Porras Guzman $0
N/A Paolo Di Luciano Paolo Di Luciano $0
4082nd Patrick Campbell Patrick Campbell $124
N/A Paula Lilburne Paula Lilburne $0
27th Peter Gurkin Peter Gurkin $5,656
695th Peter Quin Peter Quin $1,383
997th Phil Astill Phil Astill $1,129
N/A Remo Keira Remo Keira $0
709th Scott Mullin Scott Mullin $1,366
2278th Scott Woolley Scott Woolley $574
448th Shane Walden Shane Walden $1,752
N/A Smit Patel Smit Patel $0
186th Stephane Le Blanc Stephane Le Blanc $2,812
3583rd Tamar Hassan Tamar Hassan $228
N/A Tania Schwartzenberger Tania Schwartzenberger $0
3572nd Timothy Tucak Timothy Tucak $231
5533rd William Armstrong William Armstrong $10