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Rank Name Raised
135th Hains Nguyen Hains Nguyen $1,376
136th Carol Hovenden Carol Hovenden $1,375
137th Jason Flavell Jason Flavell $1,373
138th Graham Dent Graham Dent $1,371
139th Garry Douglas Garry Douglas $1,365
140th Simon Edwards Simon Edwards $1,363
141st liam Lyons liam Lyons $1,362
142nd Jeff Gordon Jeff Gordon $1,359
143rd John Hoctor John Hoctor $1,358
144th Ross Sparks Ross Sparks $1,357
145th Stephen Williams Stephen Williams $1,356
146th Tessa Bendotti-Vanderspil Tessa Bendotti-Vanderspil $1,356
147th Lloyd Gittins Lloyd Gittins $1,352
148th John O'Keeffe John O'Keeffe $1,352
149th Michele Helebrant Michele Helebrant $1,346
150th Megan Butcher Megan Butcher $1,345
151st Claire Borg Claire Borg $1,344
152nd Michael May Michael May $1,335
153rd Riley McIntosh Riley McIntosh $1,331
154th Zach McGrath Zach McGrath $1,329