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Rank Name Raised
N/A Yasser Onsy Yasser Onsy $0
N/A Yeony Kim Yeony Kim $0
N/A Yiary Leon Yiary Leon $0
N/A yilin xu yilin xu $0
N/A Yilun Hsieh Yilun Hsieh $0
N/A Yingzi Pan Yingzi Pan $0
N/A Yinhui Chen Yinhui Chen $0
N/A Ymara Jayamanne Ymara Jayamanne $0
N/A Yo Yo Yo Yo $0
N/A yong kim yong kim $0
N/A Yoshi Campitelli Yoshi Campitelli $0
N/A Yuanjing Zhao Yuanjing Zhao $0
N/A YuhHun Ng YuhHun Ng $0
N/A Yusuf Özer Yusuf Özer $0
N/A Yvan Rodriguez Yvan Rodriguez $0
N/A Yvette Marie Yvette Marie $0
N/A Yvonne Curtain Yvonne Curtain $0
N/A Yvonne Parsons Yvonne Parsons $0
N/A ZA Lenin ZA Lenin $0
N/A Zabihullah Usfy Zabihullah Usfy $0