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Rank Name Raised
N/A Josh Klooger Josh Klooger $0
1173rd Kat Zack Kat Zack $56.23
481st Kim Watts Kim Watts $174.20
N/A Kym Durbano Kym Durbano $0
N/A Lachlan James Lachlan James $0
667th Mark Carrington Mark Carrington $120
N/A Mark O'Brien Mark O'Brien $0
N/A Michael Allen Michael Allen $0
N/A Pascal Kabilo Pascal Kabilo $0
N/A Patrick Weightman Patrick Weightman $0
N/A Rian King Rian King $0
N/A Samuel Pollard Samuel Pollard $0
N/A Stefan Phillips Webster Stefan Phillips Webster $86.23
N/A Stefan Wood Stefan Wood $0
N/A Stephanie Doolan Stephanie Doolan $0
1509th Stuart Fletcher Stuart Fletcher $35
N/A Thomas Tuohy Thomas Tuohy $0
N/A Wyatt Lutz Wyatt Lutz $0
N/A Wyatt Lutz Wyatt Lutz $0
N/A David Steel David Steel $0