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Rank Name Raised
211th Mitch West Mitch West $253.58
213th Stephen Turner Stephen Turner $253.50
214th Samantha Hole Samantha Hole $250
215th Brendon Bassett Brendon Bassett $248.40
215th Paul Guest Paul Guest $248.40
215th Samantha Clarke Samantha Clarke $248.40
215th Tim Bayly Tim Bayly $248.40
219th John Ridgway John Ridgway $248.15
220th Billy Tillott Billy Tillott $247.01
221st Jill Edwards Jill Edwards $244.20
222nd Clinton Lough Clinton Lough $243.23
223rd Jarrad Hey Jarrad Hey $242.88
224th Paul Windon Paul Windon $241.48
225th Brendan Ban Brendan Ban $241.15
226th Natalie Broadbent Natalie Broadbent $238.62
227th Yannick Dufour Yannick Dufour $238.39
228th Timbo Parsonage Timbo Parsonage $238.09
229th Cara McAloon Cara McAloon $238.05
230th Brendan Tran Brendan Tran $236.53
231st Yvette Dewulf fitzsimmons Yvette Dewulf fitzsimmons $234.73