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Rank Name Raised
79th Brendan Paynting Brendan Paynting $795
80th Darcy O'Donnell Darcy O'Donnell $785
81st kerry walker kerry walker $779
82nd Robert Do Robert Do $776
83rd Ryan Cullen Ryan Cullen $775
84th Shane McKay Shane McKay $773
85th Angus Woods Angus Woods $771
86th Peter Leis Peter Leis $769
87th Andrew Hynd Andrew Hynd $759
88th Elijah Purnell Elijah Purnell $755
89th Renee Cockburn Renee Cockburn $755
90th Christy King Christy King $755
91st Clare Lourey Clare Lourey $750
N/A Tyler Arsenault Tyler Arsenault $0
92nd Aiden Bowers Aiden Bowers $745
93rd Gordon Henwood Gordon Henwood $744
94th Elton Hibberd Elton Hibberd $735
95th Ashleigh Wendorf Ashleigh Wendorf $734
96th Stevan Bonning Stevan Bonning $725
N/A Styrling sickler Styrling sickler $0