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Rank Name Raised
114th Ruth Chen Ruth Chen $420.43
115th Kylie Mills Kylie Mills $419.04
116th Dianne Tomlinson Dianne Tomlinson $418.23
117th Jonathan Jancik Jonathan Jancik $414
118th James Howden James Howden $412.18
119th Michael Nobes Michael Nobes $408.84
120th Phillip Morrison Phillip Morrison $405.08
121st Sharon Maree Pyle Sharon Maree Pyle $401.81
122nd Michael Dryden Michael Dryden $401.58
123rd Christine Trevaskis Christine Trevaskis $401.21
124th David Crawford David Crawford $398.48
125th Angelique Aloupis Angelique Aloupis $396.22
126th Pauline Ellis Pauline Ellis $389.50
127th Tammy Biffin Tammy Biffin $387.17
128th Maree Garrigan Maree Garrigan $386.39
129th Richard Lalor Richard Lalor $380.30
130th Connor Downie Connor Downie $378.14
131st Ella and Lou Whight Ella and Lou Whight $377.78
132nd Harrison Ollier Harrison Ollier $376.03
133rd Martin Gatehouse Martin Gatehouse $375.95