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Rank Name Raised
158th Millie French Millie French $872.83
159th Andrew Sime Andrew Sime $866.95
160th Josh Moore Josh Moore $866.05
161st Tracey Montesin Tracey Montesin $864.89
162nd Bobbie Thompson Bobbie Thompson $863.89
163rd Alenka Jeram Alenka Jeram $863.77
N/A Cody Jones Cody Jones $0
164th Kate Beeson Kate Beeson $860.03
165th peter burr peter burr $845.94
166th Blake Lawrence Blake Lawrence $844.16
166th David Welch David Welch $70
167th Mark Alvaran Mark Alvaran $841.73
168th Rob Keogh Rob Keogh $838.35
169th Julian Williams Julian Williams $836.23
170th Matt Cockburn Matt Cockburn $835.97
171st Michael Nobes Michael Nobes $833.67
172nd Christine Arens Christine Arens $831.61
173rd Sameera Bashir Sameera Bashir $831.58
174th Jason Dyson Jason Dyson $831.46
175th Chris Sutton Chris Sutton $826.73