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Rank Name Raised
119th Fabrizio Caporaso Fabrizio Caporaso $1,249
120th Dave Greselin Dave Greselin 2years $1,248
121st Robert Mitchell Robert Mitchell 5years $1,241
122nd Nathan Gray Nathan Gray 2years $1,239
123rd Hish Nehfaoui Hish Nehfaoui $1,238
124th Mark Wilson Mark Wilson 3years $1,237
125th Jagdeep Bajwa Jagdeep Bajwa 4years $1,232
126th Ross Sparks Ross Sparks 7years $1,230
127th Dan Ploegmakers Dan Ploegmakers $1,220
128th Grahame Irwin Grahame Irwin 2years $1,211
129th Carl Breitkreuz Carl Breitkreuz $1,202
130th Steven Thorne Steven Thorne $1,190
131st Nektor Zervos Nektor Zervos 2years $1,187
132nd Kathryn Keen Kathryn Keen $1,185
133rd Richard Field Richard Field 3years $1,180
134th Scott Staveley Scott Staveley $1,174
135th Tim Liu Tim Liu $1,171
136th Shauna Bowden Shauna Bowden $1,166
137th Josephine Graziano Josephine Graziano $1,165
138th Claydon Georges Claydon Georges $1,165