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Rank Name Raised
118th Bryce Parker Bryce Parker 2years $4,736
N/A Phil Gees Phil Gees 2years $0
3868th Demosthenes Mateo Jr Demosthenes Mateo Jr 5years $555
N/A Jason Lei Jason Lei $0
N/A David Evans David Evans 2years $0
482nd Alex Grigio Alex Grigio $2,586
3537th James Gretton James Gretton $609
5410th Randall Oakley Randall Oakley 7years $215
3693rd Wesley De Koning Wesley De Koning $582
5610th Scott Yoong Scott Yoong 5years $182
4004th Felicity Jackson Felicity Jackson 4years $535
6700th Jamie Cook Jamie Cook $52
6656th Dave Traves Dave Traves $59
1026th David Hill David Hill 5years $1,618
N/A Tomas Aguilar Tomas Aguilar $0
3126th Sam Parker Sam Parker 4years $688
1261st Doug Reckord Doug Reckord 5years $1,412
5091st Natasha Gilmour Natasha Gilmour $290
N/A Emily Hanbury Emily Hanbury 2years $0
87th Dave Greselin Dave Greselin 2years $5,400