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Rank Name Raised
4049th Graham Smith Graham Smith 5years $477
2011th Beau Micheli Beau Micheli $930
53rd Kaine Butterworth Kaine Butterworth $5,757
3128th Judy Anderson Judy Anderson 2years $629
1382nd ben symmons ben symmons $1,204
3418th Sam Ghassani Sam Ghassani 2years $574
388th Thomas Jones Thomas Jones 2years $2,515
4704th shane clarke shane clarke 4years $328
2967th Steve Taylor Steve Taylor 3years $662
3179th Matthew Trytell Matthew Trytell $619
30th Adam Stevens Adam Stevens $6,999
1779th Darren Steffen Darren Steffen 5years $1,017
2872nd Stephen Eisenhuth Stephen Eisenhuth 2years $681
830th Shayne Allen Shayne Allen $1,652
1270th Marcel Willimann Marcel Willimann $1,268
7254th Thomas Contreras Thomas Contreras 4years $21
1846th David Ryan David Ryan 3years $999
4859th Eddy Bersamina Eddy Bersamina 2years $291
5975th Wendelle Vivas Wendelle Vivas 3years $107
5989th Peter Fulton Peter Fulton 2years $104