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Rank Name Raised
364th Quynh Anh Nguyen Quynh Anh Nguyen 2years $678
365th Stephen Kiteris Stephen Kiteris $678
366th Madison Lee Madison Lee $673
367th Marlin Anderson Marlin Anderson $673
368th Geoff Gilmore Geoff Gilmore 3years $672
369th Andrew Hutchinson Andrew Hutchinson 2years $672
370th Adrian Pfeiffer Adrian Pfeiffer 3years $669
371st Darren Walters Darren Walters $668
371st ryan kirby ryan kirby $668
373rd Michael Hopkins Michael Hopkins $667
374th Peter Quin Peter Quin 3years $666
375th Scott Di Giglio Scott Di Giglio $666
376th Cathy McPherson Cathy McPherson 7years $666
377th David Thompson David Thompson $664
378th Mark Alvaran Mark Alvaran 4years $663
379th Elise Rogers Elise Rogers 2years $663
380th Debbie Wallace Debbie Wallace $662
381st Charli Marchant Charli Marchant $662
381st Craig Burr Craig Burr 5years $662
381st John Lehmann John Lehmann 5years $662