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Rank Name Raised
849th Clare Vella Clare Vella $1,575
850th M L Pugh M L Pugh 2years $1,574
851st Tim Robson Tim Robson 7years $1,573
852nd Brodie Rollings Brodie Rollings 4years $1,571
853rd Alexandra Ware Alexandra Ware $1,570
854th Michael O'Driscoll Michael O'Driscoll 5years $1,568
855th Frank MC Frank MC 2years $1,565
856th Rae Palmer Rae Palmer 3years $1,558
857th Andrew Sarah Andrew Sarah 3years $1,558
858th David Prowse David Prowse $1,558
859th Linda Gale Linda Gale 4years $1,556
860th Matthew Crowther Matthew Crowther 5years $1,555
861st Dave Crouch Dave Crouch $1,552
862nd Jasmine Winnington Jasmine Winnington 4years $1,548
863rd Mark Stopps Mark Stopps $1,548
864th Patrick Olugbemiro Patrick Olugbemiro $1,547
865th Paul Johnson Paul Johnson 7years $1,546
866th Luke Baker Luke Baker 2years $1,544
867th Matthew Blume Matthew Blume $1,542
868th Tony Thelander Tony Thelander 3years $1,541