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Rank Name Raised
60th Guy Murray Guy Murray 3years $5,475
61st Clive Smith Clive Smith 7years $5,434
62nd alan zamp alan zamp 3years $5,434
63rd Simon Dodson Simon Dodson $5,370
64th Margaret Rollings Margaret Rollings 3years $5,347
65th Paul Dunn Paul Dunn 7years $5,336
66th Selim Akdeniz Selim Akdeniz $5,318
67th Jason King Jason King $5,287
68th Craig Goldsmith Craig Goldsmith $5,279
69th Gus Stedman Gus Stedman 3years $5,238
70th Anthony Graham Anthony Graham 5years $314
70th Mathew Bohane Mathew Bohane $5,238
71st Cihan BAHCESARAY Cihan BAHCESARAY $5,226
72nd Rob Keogh Rob Keogh 3years $5,215
73rd Matthew Hodgson Matthew Hodgson $5,210
74th David Eccles David Eccles 6years $5,191
75th Josh Chaffey Josh Chaffey $5,187
76th Chris MacDonald Chris MacDonald $5,158
77th Gus Gordon Gus Gordon $5,149
78th Mark Anthony Cane Mark Anthony Cane 3years $5,148