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Rank Name Raised
638th Andrew Lewin Andrew Lewin 2years $2,034
1324th Anita Gordon Anita Gordon 7years $1,266
96th Anoop Radhakrishnan Anoop Radhakrishnan 2years $4,762
3074th Anthony Howes Anthony Howes 3years $657
124th Barbara Martin Barbara Martin 7years $4,204
2533rd Bart Thielen Bart Thielen $788
167th Ben OBrien Ben OBrien 2years $3,733
1404th Brad Walden Brad Walden $1,221
N/A Braeden Pate Braeden Pate $0
3471st Brendan Hutton Brendan Hutton 4years $5,461
90th Brett McMurtrie Brett McMurtrie 2years $4,913
7447th Chris Hopkinson Chris Hopkinson 2years $10
1933rd Chris Wade Chris Wade 3years $994
986th Christopher Marcello Christopher Marcello $1,521
560th Christopher van der Spek Christopher van der Spek 3years $2,174
N/A Cłarissa Ashwełł Cłarissa Ashwełł $0
5583rd Daniel Marsh Daniel Marsh 2years $166
544th Daniel Oldfield Daniel Oldfield 5years $2,213
631st Darryl Reichelt Darryl Reichelt 3years $2,044
100th Dave Greselin Dave Greselin 2years $4,660