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Rank Name Raised
99th Matthew Crowther Matthew Crowther 5years $1,329
100th Des Reeve Des Reeve $1,324
101st Jess Ballinger Jess Ballinger $1,324
102nd Jason Robinson Jason Robinson $1,322
103rd Peter Shortman Peter Shortman 6years $1,314
104th Bryce Parker Bryce Parker 2years $1,307
105th Benjamin Conolly Benjamin Conolly 2years $1,296
106th Steve Eden Steve Eden 3years $1,293
107th Chris Molloy Chris Molloy $1,289
108th Tony Thelander Tony Thelander 3years $1,285
109th Hugo Cain Hugo Cain $1,283
110th Stuart Crisp Stuart Crisp $1,283
111th Vijay Wijayakumar Vijay Wijayakumar 2years $1,280
112th harley van belkom harley van belkom 2years $1,278
113th Matt Watson Matt Watson $1,266
114th Stefan Hofmann Stefan Hofmann 7years $1,265
115th Clinton Richards Clinton Richards 2years $1,263
116th Luke Baker Luke Baker 2years $1,263
117th Shaun Mulloy Shaun Mulloy 2years $1,256
118th Robert Rice Robert Rice $1,250